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Krk, Ölmalerei, croatia, Gudrun Krieger

"krk one", oil and oil pastel on canvas, 120x 90 cm, 2023

Dodo, Purcell

"hide as a DoDo", oil, acryl on canvas, 80 x 80 cm, 2024 

from serie "orch", colour pencil on brown paper 29 x 42 cm, 2023

"o.t. ", oil, acryl on canvas, 108x 95 cm, 2022

from serie "in der wiese (grinzing)" aquarell on bütten, 20x15 cm, 2020 


Since many years I am overwhelmed by nature: spending hours in the woods, lying in wild greenfield, meeting and observing fauna and flora. Further, the clarity of weather was shaping me. I had experiences with cameras when I went to school. All those impressions lead me to get interessed in photography and evolution biology as educations. 9 years ago my body got connected to painting and found deeply diversity in combination and curiousity.

While working, I hear and live the Classics and the Nature

Here is a gallery about working places and inspiration:

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